An invitation from the Programme Director:

Making a difference


I would like to welcome you to the HKU Counselling Programme.

The University of Hong Kong is the leading provider of tertiary education in Hong Kong. I am proud to present the HKU Master of Social Sciences in Counselling programme to you. Our classroom and practicum teachers come from a diverse and rich background in academic and professional experience in counselling, clinical psychology and using a variety of specific counselling approaches among other skills and expertise. Our programme aims to build on your strengths, provide you with the intellectual stimuli and opportunities to learn the counselling related knowledge and skills.

“The counseling professions are noble ventures. They are for a set of people who are willing to invest themselves in service to and for others. To many casual observers, the counseling professions appear to be an easy road…”What is hard about just listening to people?” Anyone who has worked in one of the counseling professions knows that it is hard, it takes energy, and it can be exhausting at times” (Collison, 2010, p.161)

Would you like making a difference for others? Do you want to be part of the HKU counselling professions community? It is not easy at times, but certainly a very rewarding profession- fostering or improving a person’s health and wellbeing. I invite you to take time visiting our Programme website. Best wishes with your studies.

Dr. Samson Tse

Notes: Collison, B.B, (2010). Finding your counseling career. New York, NY: Routledge. The photo was taken by ST in Northshore, Auckland, New Zealand